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      The JSnare is a unique “snare” type loop device that allows the climber to reliably and positively grasp and turn the corner of a V-Thread or A-Thread using any type of cordage, including the climbing rope. The Jsnare has no sharp point to tear your clothing and has a curving handle that allows a direct line of sight down a leg of the V-thread or A-Thread when pulling the trigger loop. The beveled tip will turn the tip of the cord, or rope, around the base of the V when the snare is engaged. The ability to turn the rope end around “the corner” of the V dramatically simplifies the use of larger cord or the climbing rope. The device is lightweight, flexible, easy to rack, handmade in the USA and has been extensively used and tested by AMGA and IFMGA guides.

Giving Back

Giving Back

We donate $1.00 to the AMGA from each Jsnare purchased on-line by an AMGA guide. For all other Jsnare on-line orders, we donate $1.00 from each Jsnare sold to the American Alpine Club. For Jsnares sold through our retail partners, we donate $1.00 per Jsnare to a local climbing or rescue organization. 

We have also donated Jsnares to a number of charitable auctions benefiting climbing.

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